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All of the Windsor chairs I make are built using a mix of traditional and modern methods. The seats are a single piece of poplar and are hand carved. The turnings all start as billets hand-riven from a green log of hickory or maple. They are dried then turned on a modern lathe. The long spindles and bent parts are all hand-riven oak or hickory. They are carved while still green and then dried before they are assembled into the chair. I only use hide glue on my chairs and traditional joinery. I finish the chairs with milk paint or tung oil. I prefer to meet with someone that I make a chair for--in order to fit the chair to the person. Trying to do it the other way around doesn"t seem to work as well. 
Walnut and Maple Corner Cabinet (click to enlarge)Hand carving a spindle

Most of the work done by Seneca Creek is custom work. As a general rule we do not stock many items. Prices for pieces may vary with the variety of wood used, the choice of finishes and embellishment. The photographs on our site are not  a catalog of our wares, but a sample of pieces that have left our shop.

If you have a piece that needs to be restored, repaired or refinished, please do contact us.

You can reach us by e-mail <> or by phone at 301-972-7453 to inquire about our pieces.

We also do custom saw milling and we have flitch-sawn and other sawn logs available.


Seneca Creek Joinery
Chris Holmgren, Proprietor
19701 Peach Tree Road
Dickerson, MD 20842
(301) 972-7453