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A cord (8 x 4 x4) contains 128 cubic feet of wood. A mix of hardwood will produce about 19,000,000 BTUs of heat this winter. This is comparable to 135-140 gallons of fuel oil or 19,000 ft3 of natural gas.

FYI: A full-size pick-up truck can hold and carry about 1/2 cord of firewood.

Full cords & partial cords available. Our firewood is cut and split to lengths of about 16 inches. Custom orders for length are not available. Stacking is not available. Sorry about that.  See price information below.

The CSA option
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA subscribers pay up front at the beginning of the season for agricultural products--in this case firewood. This is firewood for woodstoves only. Delivery will be included with these orders--but not stacking. CSA memberships for the winter of 2015-2016 will be limited. We will be taking CSA firewood orders starting July 1, 2015 and ending August 31, 2015 (or earlier). We would suggest downloading the CSA form, reading through it thoroughly, completing it and getting it back to us by postal mail in order to make our cut-off.

If you are interested in CSA firewood orders and you own a woodstove, please click here.

Phone: 301-972-7453; or
Order from us online: <woodsurgeon@juno.com>

General information about buying firewood.

Buying and Storing Firewood
Woodstove safety

Firewood Pricing If you are interested in CSA firewood orders and you own a woodstove, please click here.


1 cord:
1/2 cord: $160.00

We also offer smaller amounts, such as car trunk loads, pick up truck loads or partial cords. Prices will vary and do not include delivery. Customer must pick up firewood.

1 cubic foot of firewood in burlap bags:

Wholesale prices are available for bags of firewood. Please ask about pricing.
These are available through local retail outlets.
  • Poolesville Hardware - Poolesville
  • Bethesda Coop - Cabin John
  • American Plant Food - Bethesda

We also have hardwood charcoal available.
Local charcoal for local food!
To order please phone us or e-mail us at: Seneca Creek Joinery, phone: 301-972-7453 or e-mail: woodsurgeon@juno.com

Our firewood is processed from rediscovered wood -- wood from dead, fallen, or nuisance trees from urban, suburban, private or government properties. This wood was destined for landfill or chipping.

*updated February 21, 2015. Because of fluctuations (usually upwards) in fuel costs--and yes, we need to use fuel to cut, split and deliver our firewood--these prices may change at any time.


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